P2PX - CARBON LITE (NEW for 2016)


Carbon Lite Rifle Features:

Standard Features and Specifications

  • Available Calibers: 7mm Rem Mag, 6.5X284 Norma, NEW 28 Nosler, NEW 30 Nosler, 300 Ultra Mag (other calibers available)
  • Range: 1,200 yards
  • Total weight with Scope: 8.6 lbs
  • Barrel: 26" carbon fiber barrel (add muzzle brake - call for pricing)
  • Stock: McMillan A-3 Sporter Stock with Edge Technology (choose your stock finish)
  • Scope: Huskemaw 5-20x50 Blue Diamond Scope with BDC Turret
  • Trigger: Jewell trigger

Additional Information:

Extras: 40 rounds of match grade ammo (custom loaded for your rifle)
Owner's Manual: Download
Price: $8,399.00 + shipping